NOTAM NameAircraft Maintenance Schedule
NOTAM Creation Date2018-08-15
NOTAM Publish Date2018-08-15


15/08/2015 22:51


Please check the Aircraft Status before you book an aircraft.

The Aircraft Status is the Maintenance Status and can only be a maximum factor of 127.  You will notice that it is displayed as a GREEN bar and as it decreases it will become ORANGE and then RED.

Once the Aircraft reaches a factor of 30 it will automatically be placed in the maintenance hanger for 2 days of maintenance. (Don't use an AC close to RED status on extended flights or tours)  

Hard landing also increase the maintenance on an aircraft.  Landing between 0 - 200ft/min decrease the serviceable status by 3%, 201-400 ft/min decrease the serviceable status by 6% and landings over 400ft/min decrease the serviceable status by 10%

Once the status reaches ZERO it will be logged as a crash and will place the Aircraft in Maintenance for 7 days but it should automaticly go into maintenance on factor 20.  The same applies for landings over 1’000ft/m and carries a hefty repair bill for the SAVAF of ZAR 500'000 as well as a ZAR 50’000 salary penalty for the pilot. (Penelty could be revised without notice).

TIP: Should you crash an aircraft perhaps concider not to submit the pirep.

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