NOTAM NamePopulating SIM ACARS
NOTAM Creation Date2018-07-28
NOTAM Publish Date2018-07-28

Populating SIM ACARS

Please note that although the Depature ICAO, Arrival ICAO and Flight Number are the only compusary fields in the SIM ACARS you need to complete all the other fields as well in order to have a complete report. 

This will include the following flieds:

  • Aircraft Type ICAO
  • Type of Flight
  • Depature Time
  • Cruise Speed
  • FL/Altitude
  • Passengers
  • Cargo
  • Total EET
  • Endurance
  • Alternative 1
  • Route
  • Remarks if Applicable

NOTE: Passenger and Cargo Figures are important to calculate income and expenses.    

Remember garbage in garbage out. 


UPDATE 29 July '18 - 02:38

Please note that the folowing flight scheduals was created and needs to be used apart from actual scheduals and tours:

  • Charter - To be used for all Charter Flights
  • OLM - To be used for all Online Missions
  • Tours - To be used for any Tours apart from tours created under the VAM Tour Scheduals

Please note that you need to TYPE in only the folowing; "CHARTER, OLM, TOUR or TFM00" into the Flight Number on the SIM ACARS or the relevant Flight Number of the Scheduals or Tours in the VAM system.

DO NOT USE ZAVCHARTER, ZAVOLM or your ZAVxxx callsign number in the SIM ACARS Flight Number field. 


Maj. Gustav Le Roux

Staff Officer Training (SOT)

The South Africal Virtual Air Force