NOTAM NameFlight Schedule/Flight Number & Flight Parameter V
NOTAM Creation Date2018-10-02
NOTAM Publish Date2018-10-02

SIM ACARS is pretty unforgiving in the measurement of flight parameters but we do recognize that the SAVAF is a special ops operation and will from time to time breach these flight parameters due to the nature of special ops flights.
We have therefor decided to make use of the schedule/flight number field to enter a more appropriate description of the type of flight that you are going to undertake. This will allow flight validators to gauge if violations are justified.

In case of…

Non-Regular Flights

You can use any description that reflects the type of flight that you are going to undertake and suggest that you could use the following descriptions.

  • CHARTER: Any commercial transfer of Pax and/or Cargo
  • AERO: Aerobatics
  • PVT: Any non-commercial private fight (Sunday breakfast run)
  • OLM: Official Online Mission
  • SPO: Special Ops ((Any Special requirements ie Crop spray, Fire Fighting, etc)
  • S&R: Search and Recue
  • TEST: Test flight

Note: when using such a schedule description you also need to use an appropriate airframe.

Regular Flights

These are flights where you book a route and use the route schedule posted on VAM.

Note: in case of non-regular TOUR flights you will use the tour schedule specified in the tour instructions.

Where violations occurred please write your motivation in the SIM ACARS under Flight Summary / Flight Comments after you have clicked end flight but before you upload your PIREP to VAM.


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